A chemical peel is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back is smoother. With a light or medium peel, you may need to undergo the procedure more than once to get the desired results.

At Timeless Med Spa, chemical treatment can be used to treat wrinkles, discolored skin and scars — usually on the face. Chemical peel procedure can also be done alone or combined with other cosmetic procedures. And they can be done at different depths, from light to deep. Deeper chemical peels offer more-dramatic results but also take longer to recover from.

Our chemical peel treatment can improve your skin appearance. Treatment can be done on the face, neck or hands. Generally, if you have fair-skin or darker skin types, you may have good result depending on the type of problem being treated. Contact us today for a free analysis and consultation.



Chemical Peel Per Session Pack Of Three
Face $150.00 $125.00
Face & Neck $250.00 $225.00


Chemical Peel: While the effects of therapy typically remain approximately one and four weeks after your skin stops flaking, if you have recurrent acne outbreaks or persistently dry skin, therapy can be necessary as frequently as monthly.

Chemical Peel:

A chemical peel is a powerful skin exfoliating solution given to the palms, neck, or face to expose the clear, perfect skin beneath. The fact that this method works for a multitude of skin issues is what made it so well-liked. Peels come in several varieties. The components in a peel may react differently with each skin disease. For instance, a deeper peel works wonders on pimples, pigment issues, and creases. Acidic medium peels frequently produce the best results for acne. The softest peels contain alpha-hydroxyl (AHA), glycolic, lactic, or fruit acids. More burdensome alternatives, such as trichloroacetic acid peels, can remove creases from the skin by penetrating it thoroughly.

Any peel can rejuvenate the skin, but which one to use depends on the kind and health of your skin. According to the peeling of choice, the specific procedure differs. Before the peel is applied, your skin is properly cleaned and ready for the course. Your skin is then treated with an acidic liquid and left in situ for a certain period. The peeling solution exfoliates your complexion while you wait. When peeling, it is not on the skin to show fresh, renewed skin. A gentle chemical peel in Toronto reduces the visibility of fine wrinkles while enhancing complexion and texture. Though slight, the effects are more potent with each session. Your skin will be considerably softer after a mild chemical peel, Toronto. 


Chemical Peel 

Chemical Peels’ Advantages Include the Following:

For every one of the most significant typical skin issues, there is a peel following are the benefits of Chemical peel Toronto treatment: 

  1. Acne treatment: The effectiveness of conventional acne therapies is limited, but a peel cleanses the skin deeper. In addition, receiving a peel helps exfoliate your skin more completely and uncovers a brand-new skincare layer free of acne. Leaves for acne are most effective when used in a series, and Doctor may create a peel regimen specifically for you that will maintain your face clear of blemishes.

  2. Reduces Pores: Many people worry about having large pores, and those who do wish they would disappear. However, making pores appear minor is a benefit of using a peel to remove the top, frequently unhealthy skin layer.

  3. Removes lines and wrinkles: Lines on the skin are the most significant factor that keeps us in the past. These distractions keep us from truly appreciating and being in the current moment. Peels can help when fine lines or wrinkles are making you unhappy. It may soften even the worst creases, and fine lines wholly removed using these chemical treatments.

  4. Staining Fades: You have the right to experience joy, vitality, and beauty. A peel can assist if solar flares, discoloration, and discoloration are hindering you. Many consumers discover that a peel permanently removes skin pigmentation.

  5. Boosts Skin: A peel may be the best option if you don’t want to experience the recovery period associated with rejuvenation. One of the fantastic benefits of a skin peel-off is skin lifting. 

The Objective of Chemical Peel Therapy:

Damage is often with permanency that is untrue. When exposed to the chemicals in a peel, many scars, whether from acne or anything else, begin to fade. Many individuals don’t like the depth that irregular pale skin and imperfections bring to the complexion. Peels even out the skin’s general tone. Peels are most well-known for their extraordinary epidermis properties. The face, neck, or hands can lift their stiff covering of skin, revealing delightfully soft and silky flesh. One of the most efficient non-surgical treatments available is this therapy. Because of this, some patients combine this therapy with others. Others find solace in knowing they can reach their ideal appearance without operations.It’s crucial to stay out of the sun when your skin recovers after undergoing any peeling. One to eight days are needed for minor peels to recover completely. Apply cream or lotion to the skin as it heals. After your skin has healed, use sunlight every day. The day after your consultation, you can do makeup. The entire healing process for moderate peels takes five to 10 days. At this point, the skin could start to flake. It could instruct you to take antivirus medicine during this period if you have a history of cold sores. When the skin is mending, use a gentle moisturizer or cream. You can wear cosmetics between five and seven days after that. Search for chemical peel treatment near me and find excellent results. 


Chemical peels can leave you with effects that persist for a month or the rest of your life. The intensity of a chemical peel is the most critical element that affects how long its effects last. Benefits from a mild or shallow peel typically last one to two months. The impact of a moderate peel will endure for two to six months, whereas the effects of a thorough peel are permanent. A superficial chemical peel aims to cause your natural skin epithelium, or surface layer, to peel off. It has the effect of temporarily treating wrinkles, skin problems, erythema, pimples, and dermatitis. Along with chemical peel therapy, you can also find laser hair removal in Toronto at entirely affordable rates for you. 



Chemical Peel Improves Skin Texture And Tone


Lessens the Appearance Of Fine Wrinkles.


Skin Will Be Noticeably Smoother


Dramatic Improvement In The Look And Feel Of Treated Areas

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