The Hifu (High Intensity focused ultrasound) offers skin tightening treatment for face and neck. With the aging there is reduced elasticity off the dermal layer resulting in changes such as wrinkles, sagging skin and fine lines. Hifu is a form of energy that is significantly different that
light such as IPL and Radio Frequency energy. Hifu treats beyond the dermis layer, where structural skin weakening starts due to aging. The treatment is a non surgical process.


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Hifu (Skin Tightening) Per Session Pack Of Three
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Face & Neck $600.00 $550.00


HIFU: You might need to have the surgery redone in one to two years when the normal aging cycle takes control. The technique is best suitable for people with skin irritation slippage.




Some people view high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), a comparatively new cosmetic procedure for skin rejuvenation, as a noninvasive and comfortable alternative to face surgeries. It stimulates collagen synthesis using ultrasonic radiation, giving the skin a tighter appearance. However, in several modest therapeutic studies, HIFU has to be secure and efficient for elevating the face and smoothing wrinkles. Nevertheless, alone without the dangers of surgery, patients might experience improvements a few months following therapy. Although the treatment is also for cosmetic procedures, lifting, straightening, and general face renewal, these are “off-label” applications for HIFU, indicating the FDA has not yet approved it for these applications.


More information will be required to determine who is most suitable for this kind of operation. HIFU has been a promising procedure that might eventually replace facial surgery, particularly in teenage patients unwilling to undergo treatment hazards and lengthy healing periods. However, for those with more severe instances of drooping skin, hifu facial won’t be as effective.




Facial HIFU:


To reach the skin strata immediately beneath the surface, hifu facial employs concentrated ultrasonic waves. The flesh quickly warms up as a result of the ultrasonic radiation. Cellular damage occurs whenever a specified temperature is by the specific area’s cells. Contrary to what would seem logical, the injury encourages the cells to generate more elastin, a substance that gives the appearance of the skin. As elastin levels rise, skin becomes firmer, smoother, and less wrinkled. The remaining components of the epidermis and the nearby problem since the elevated ultrasonic pulses are on a different tissue spot underneath the skin’s layer. 


Individuals with severe or cystic breakouts, exposed skin at the targeting region, or illnesses are not to undergo HIFU. Hifu treatment near me is only suitable for some. On average, those over 30 with mild to medium skin sagging respond well to the therapy. People with severely excess skin, wrinkles, and fine lines may require numerous sessions without experiencing benefits. Older persons with more significant facial slippage increased photo-damage, or extremely droopy neck skin are unsuitable and may require treatment. 


Benefits of HIFU:


Over the past several years, HIFU and other nonsurgical rejuvenation options have significantly increased in appeal. During 2012 and 2017, the total number of operations conducted rose by 64.8%. Numerous cosmetic advantages of HIFU include:


  1. wrinkle removal
  2. neck skin that is drooping being (sometimes called turkey neck)
  3. improving the sharpness of the jawbone, raising the cheekbones, forehead, and eyelashes shortening the décolletage
  4. skin texturization


Including 32 Korean individuals revealed that, after 12 weeks, HIFU dramatically increased healthy skin of the thigh, stomach area, and cheekbones. In a more extensive trial with 93 participants, 66 percent of individuals who had HIFU treatment felt that their face and neck looked better after 90 days.


HIFU at a Total Price:


The estimated price of a noninvasive skin ratcheting operation in 2017 was $1,707. It is a significant price reduction compared to cosmetic rejuvenation, typically costing $7,562. In conclusion, the price will depend on the region, your area, the total quantity of treatments required to get the desired outcomes, and other factors. You should contact a local HIFU supplier for a price quote. You cannot use HIFU if you have medical insurance.


How Does HIFU Feel To the Body?


During a HIFU operation, you can feel a little uncomfortable. Some people say it feels like mild prickling or mild electrical shocks. Your doctor might advise taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) or a moderate anti-inflammatory medicine (NSAID), such as aspirin (Advil), before treatment if you’re concerned about discomfort. You can have little warmth or inflammation right after the procedure, but these side effects should go away throughout the following few hours.


Treatment HIFU For The Face:


While undergoing a hifu treatment near me, no specific treatment is required. However, when starting therapy, ensure the sequence is free of cosmetics and skincare items. A doctor or technician initially cleans the target region. Before beginning, they could use a topical anesthetic lotion.

The doctor or technician then applies an ultrasonic gel. The skin is in contact with the HIFU gadget. The medical professional or technician sets the device using an ultrasound viewer. 


Treatment HIFU for the face















Adverse Effects Of HIFU On The Face:


If carried out by a skilled and certified practitioner, HIFU is safe. The most astonishing thing about this course of therapy is that you may return to your routine as soon as you depart the doctor’s office. There could be a tiny bit of heat or inflammation, but it should go away fast. The treatment region may continue to feel tingly for a few weeks. Occasionally, bleeding or transient paralysis may occur, although these adverse effects often disappear within a few days. A secure, efficient, and noninvasive method of reducing the skin on the face is the hifu facial treatment. It’s difficult to argue against its benefits over a surgical facelift. But, of course, it would help if you took no scars, wounds, or healing periods. 




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