In short, sublative laser is an alternative to harsher treatments like chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Instead of using light or lasers, sublative rejuvenation uses radio frequency technology to tighten skin, erase fine lines, shrink large pores, and heal previous acne scarring.

This non-surgical procedure is intended to improve the look of fine lines, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and acne scarring. It can also tighten mildly loose skin and improve textural irregularities like large pores.

Unlike many skin rejuvenation procedures, this one’s said to be safe for all skin types and tones, including olive or brown skin, which is often at higher risk of hyperpigmentation.

You may start to see results within a few days of your first treatment, and those results will continue to improve for up to five months. Contact us today for a free consultation.



Sublative: Clinical trials have shown that Sublative Rejuvenation effectively treats sagging skin, fine creases and creases, acne scars, and aesthetic imperfections brought on by prolonged sunshine.

 Sublative Therapy:

Various aging indicators can be safely and effectively using sublative. For example, you might seem more young thanks to the Sublative. So this technique works well to address minor to severe creases and textural defects. It is the latest advancement in safe and efficient rejuvenating technology, as young-looking as you feel. Following the initial procedure, patients will observe improvements, and outcomes will improve up to a year after the Therapy. There are no restrictions on how long the effects endure because this procedure rebuilds collagen. In Sublative Therapy, a Radio signal is a matrix onto the skin. Therefore, the skin’s recovery period is up by healthy skin around the spots.



In the grid shape, the RF signal is accurately in the skin. The skin’s recovery period is by skin health around the dots, after therapy, healthy skin tissues, and new elastin. Your skin’s color, textural defects, and light to severe creases are available. For most skin types, treatment is a secure and efficient option. A typical therapeutic plan calls for three sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. The overall number of treatments necessary will vary depending on the state of your skin. Many people experience a heated, prickly feeling when electricity penetrates their skin throughout Therapy. A pink or red “redness” look following treatment is also available. Soothing and external anesthetic creams are to lessen uncomfortable sensations during treatment. 

The Objective of the Sublative Therapy: 

The sublative med spa uses the wireless system to straighten weaker material skin, enhance the skin’s natural, and lessen the visibility of minor to severe lines. It also shrinks capillaries and improves the complexion while reducing sun spots, sagging skin on the abdomen, and acne scars. 

Your doctor could choose sublative RF because it triggers a more significant reaction than micro-needling for skin conditions that are more difficult to treat, such as loose complexion and acne scars. After the initial session, clients will experience improvements, and outcomes will improve for up to a year after therapy. There are no restrictions on how long the consequences endure because this procedure rebuilds elastin. The majority of insurance firms need to cover aesthetic and ornamental operations.

Sublative Rejuvenation Advantages Include:

After Therapy, there is little to no delay so that individuals may resume everyday things. 

  • Sublative Rejuvenation, a med spa that operates from the inside out by promoting cell regeneration that lasts much longer and may be further with annual service procedures, is the “all-natural” method of increasing your radiance.
  • One treatment session for the entire face lasts around an hour.
  • Efficient and safe for ALL types of skin and hyperpigmentation levels
  • One Therapy can result in a change in skin color and texture.

Today’s patients seek results similar to a facelift but do not desire the months or years of recovery that come with those procedures.

Purpose of Sublative Rejuvenation: 

Due to the increased danger of hyperpigmentation, intensive therapies also have constraints on the kinds of skin that you may treat. Despite being categorized as an aggressive therapy, Sublative Rejuvenation is exceptional because it offers maximum effectiveness with little recovery time at a reasonable cost and is suitable for ALL complexions. 

To optimize tissue creation while preserving the outer skin, Sublative Rejuvenation employs fractionated gender fluid radio waves to enter the skin and provide additional energy below the skin. Following treatment, when new, good skin cells are available, you can observe higher amounts of helpful elastin. As a result, your skin gets softer and more flexible, with moderate to slight creases and diminished epidermis dark spots. 

How many Sublative Rejuvenation:

The treatment plan for each client will change depending on their unique requirements and the intended outcomes. The majority of patients will have three therapies, with each one coming 4–6 months apart. Following the initial treatment, clients will start to observe improvements, and outcomes will keep improving up to a year after the Therapy. There are no restrictions on how long the effects endure since this procedure rebuilds collagen. After a year, maintenance sessions are to keep and improve on present results. The sublative Rejuvenation med spa is a relatively harsher fractionated therapy. Many patients experience a heated, stinging feeling during Therapy. In addition, a pink or red “sunburn” look and sensation are frequent after Therapy. Soothing and cosmetic emollients are to lessen uncomfortable therapy side effects. 

Sublative Rejuvenation 


To yet, no medical side effects have been available. Sublative Rejuvenation’s capacity to deliver substantial benefits to ALL complexions with minimal to no recovery is one of its many attractive features. Unfortunately, the only fractionated therapy that works on all faces is Sublative Rejuvenation. Therefore, patients who have certain skin disorders (like eczema) might not be able to get the Therapy. 

Your doctor could choose sublative RF because it triggers a more significant reaction than Botox for skin conditions more difficult to treat, such as loose skin and acne scars. Timeless Med Spa, The RF heat speeds up the skin’s regeneration and strengthening, giving it a more youthful aspect. Timeless Med Spa and Sublative use a wireless system to straighten weaker material skin, enhance complexion, and lessen the visibility of minor to moderate creases. 



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Reduction In Fine Lines

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Increased Elasticity And A Smoother Texture OF Skin

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Minimize Skin Discoloration


Acne Scarring - Shrink Large Pores

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